There will be consequences to our design. There will be many good consequences and few bad ones.

Some good consequences include the fact you will barely have to pay an electric bill; you will save about 90% of your monthly electric bill. That’s about $1,400 saved per year.

It also uses only reusable energy sources wind, hydro-electric, lightning, and solar.

Another amazing feature is our 5-year warranty. Even though this is such an amazing machine, there are a few problems. One is the fact is that if there is a very small chance that the drone could explode with an electrical overload, even though we plan to have the best capacitors which can hold 250 farads, no matter what we do this will always happen. We even plan on four of these capacitors to lower the chance but it always could. This could explode because lightning is a form of plasma. The plasma could cause the plates inside of the capacitor to move around, then touch, causing a large voltage to be released at once, which could cause the drone to explode. We fear if we put on too many capacitors it will way down the drone making it much slower.

Another small problem is this is using only reusable energy sources so you might not get all of the energy that is possible. As you can see by all of these amazing features the TEDrone is possibly best way to collect energy.