The current technology of electricity generating drones are AMPYX and New wave energy.   

AMPYX is a high-flying drone that collects wind energy. It flies a drone high into the air, then releases a high tensile cable that is attached to generator, which is turning from the drone flying through the air.  

New wave energy is a drone that collects solar energy. It is essentially a flying solar panel. New wave energy says the drone can collect enough power to fly indefinitely, assuming the weather permits. To fly it uses propellers to fly through the air.  The drone will then beam the energy wirelessly to the ground with microwaves.   

The current C130 weather reconnaissance plane used by the NOAA is an aircraft almost resistant to lightning. It uses a carbon fiber shell, because it is lightweight. Underneath that, there is a mesh made of copper to ground the lightning that hits the plane.  

Laser induced  plasma channels have been used to capture lightning power. The only problem with these is the fact that these use almost equal to the amount of energy used and the amount of energy generated.